April 2017

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SAME Awards & Recognition Programs

Each year, SAME National presents awards to individuals and organizations from the uniformed services and the private sector in recognition of achievement in support of the engineering profession, the nation’s national security objectives and the SAME Strategic Plan, which promotes recognition for the internal and external accomplishments of SAME members.

The SAME awards program includes awards presented to SAME member organizations and individuals and to individuals representing the uniformed services. Nominations for awards are typically due in December or January of each year, and a vast majority of the awards are presented during a special honors luncheon at the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo, held each spring. To view a list of the awards, nomination guidelines for each and tips for nominating an individual or organization, select the appropriate award category below:

SAME Streamer Awards

In addition, SAME Posts compete in the annual Streamer Awards competition to reward dedication and service to SAME at the local level. SAME Honolulu consistently is the recipient of Streamer Awards for all four categories available for consideration:

  • Education and Training Streamer
  • Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Resillience Streamer
  • Leadership and Mentoring Streamer
  • Relationships and Recognition Streamer

Most of SAME Honolulu’s Streamer Awards were won with Distinction, which is the highest level of recognition from SAME National.

More information the Streamer Awards can be viewed on the SAME National Streamer Awards page.